Friday, 12 August 2011

It's All In The Name

And i've decided I need/want something a bit more specific to what I'm going to be blogging about. Therefore I introduce to you My Face But Better it needs a little make over but for now please come join me.


Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Sleek Make Up Pout Paints

Hello, Hola, Bonjour.

How blooming lovely is this weather at the moment? I've been dashing back from work and lounging around in the evening sun, Harry Potter book in hand, it's bliss. Hope you're all making the most of it.

I went on a bit of a make-up spree last weekend (payday wahey!) and picked up some bits and pieces. The lady in Superdrug looked at me really weirdly as I went from stand to stand swatching products with my bestie watching me slightly impatiently whilst I oooo and ahhhhed and commented on everything (bless her for putting up with me).

I noticed that hidden away at the back of my local Superdrug was a brand spanking new Sleek make-up stand, which unfortunately didn't have the contour kit I was after but did have the new Pout Paints that seem to be causing quite a hype.

Left to Right: Pinkini, Minx, Peechy Keen, Peek-a-bloo

I love the idea of these, if you haven't read about them already they are a collection of 11 little tubes of highly pigmented lip stains which can be used on their own or mixed together to create your own little lip colours. The idea is that you use the white coloured paint to cool colours down and the blue paint to warm things up. It's advisable you use a lip brush to put these on as they are quite thick, gooey and fiddly, a little really does go a long way so be careful how much you dollop out! I went against instructions and tried to use my finger and looked a little like Crusty the Clown after application, not quite the look I was going for.

I picked up Minx which is a neutralised pink shade, Peachy Keen a corally peach, Pinkini a really bright in your face pink and Peek-a-bloo the blue colour (to warm up the colours when experimenting, not quite daring enough to wear this bad boy on it's own).

Left to Right: Pinkini, Minx, Peechy Keen, Peek-a-Bloo

I don't know if it's my imagination but they taste slightly apricoty to me, a bit sweet tasting so if this isn't your thing then beware. But I quite like it. Remember though these aren't for eating and are quite thick so licking your lips probably isn't advised. All that said I really like them, the idea of creating your own shades is right up my street as I find it hard to find colours that suit me well so now I can experiment. On their own though each colour is really wearable (with the slight exception of Peek-a-bloo) so even if you aren't feeling that adventurous with creating new shades these will suit you.

Here are some I created earlier (goggles and white lab coat are optional). I haven't quite got the hang of mixing them yet, I added a bit too much blue to the first shade! The lighter of the two pink shades was Minx and Peachykeen mixed together and I love this combination, also adding a tiny bit of blue to Pinkini made the shade a little warmer and much more wearable without altering the brightness. Love love love them. I've since made some other random concoctions which I'm very happy with.

You can find these little tubes in Superdrug at £4.99 each. What do you think?


Sunday, 31 July 2011

E.L.F Haul

I certainly made the most of the 50% off everything code for E.L.F last week, purchasing the below products. I'll be posting up reviews/thoughts about each item over the next few weeks. First impressions are good, though I'm a bit dubious about the polish's, they don't really look like my kind of shades after all but we'll see.

The below items (I also bought two eye-shadow brushes which aren't pictured) only came to a total of £22, I'm forever amazed by how much you can get for your pound with E.L.F. If you missed out on the 50% off code don't worry, it's worth noting that E.L.F notoriously have great discounts running very frequently so I'm sure it won't be long before another code pops up.

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend. I did a bit of retail shopping yesterday then went out with some girly friends for cocktails at a place called Gunwharf Quays, was lovely! Going to spend the rest of today painting my nails and reading Harry Potter - I don't know why but I've never read the books even though I love the films. As a result at the ripe age of 24 (and a few years late!) I am now reading them all and loving them.


Thursday, 28 July 2011

OPI Muppets Christmas Collection

Ooooooh yes, it's true. OPI's Christmas collection will be based on the Muppets. I've always loved them, especially Miss Piggy. Anywho, the lovely Claire over at The Beauty Scoop blogged about this yesterday and ever since I've been hunting around for more info/swatches and the like.

I love OPI's Christmas collections as they are always filled with sparkly nail products, which are a bitch to remove but look oh so pretty. This collection doesn't disappoint! I'm not even a big fan of green polish but Fresh Frog of Bel Air (how cute are the names!) looks gorgeous.

What do you guys think? Yay or nay? I have my heart set on Fresh Frog of Bel Air, Rainbow Connection, Gettin Miss Piggy With It (my favourite polish name ever), Gone Gonzo and Divine Swine - there's a definite trend here with my choices.

I know Rainbow Connection is pretty much a dupe for Happy Birthday polish by Deborah Lippman but I can't bring myself to spend £16 on a bottle of nail polish no matter how pretty it is.

Li Lian over at Short Wide Nails has some swatches up that you can see here to better understand my fascination with this collection.

Is it wrong to be a bit excited about Christmas in July?


Wednesday, 27 July 2011

30 Day Shred

Image Courtesy of Cathy Thorne at Everyday People Cartoons

For those of you not familiar with the 30 Day Shred it's basically a workout DVD by a lady called Jillian Michaels (she is evil!). Jillian is an American fitness personality who is known for getting big results on programmes like The Biggest Loser etc. The idea behind this DVD is that there are a series of exercises working strength, cardio and abs into a 20 minute routine through a 3-2-1 system (3 minutes of weights, 2 of cardio and 1 of abs). There are three levels and you progress through them over the space of 30 days with each level increasing in intensity.

Let me just start by saying that although I am pretty happy with my weight/shape, it wouldn't hurt to loose a couple of pounds and there are areas that I want to tone up (my overall fitness isn't that great, not sure if I would survive running for a bus!). I am not doing this though because I want to be a skinny minny (I'm a big fan of my big bootay), I just want to be healthier and there's no harm in that. I'm also not a big fan of going to the gym, when I do go the big guys on the weights make me feel too self concious whilst I'm pumping like 10kg and killing myself over it. I prefer to eat healthy and exercise away from people, whether that's a DVD, a run where people can't see or a fitness class where I can stand at the back.

I first came across this DVD when someone on Facebook stated they tried it and lost 7lb in 2 weeks. I thought she must be fibbing but I decided to research it anyway. A google search later and I was proven wrong. A lot of people claim to have used this DVD and achieved great things so I thought why not give it a go if it's going to improve my fitness too.

First things first, this DVD isn't easy. Not at all. You will feel like you want to die (at one point she actually screams at you that she wants you to feel like this) and you will want to slap Jillian Michaels for pushing you but it's worth it. I'm currently at day 5 and already feel much better for it and it's definitely getting easier. You'll be a bit sore the first few days (I had to stop people from making me laugh as my stomach muscles were so tight) but it does ease up and I've got so much more energy. I know it sounds a little unbelievable but the routines are intense, the first level includes exercises such as push ups, sit ups, crunches, lunges etc. (I haven't got past level 1 yet so can't comment on the others).

The DVD is pretty cheap at £5.93 on Amazon, all you need is this, some hand held weights and a matt if you're got a hard/slippy surface. Please don't make the mistake I did with the weights, a lot of people recommend using 3lb weights but I stupidly misread this and bought 3kg which basically equates to 9lb each. The 3kg weights are too much and are slowly killing me.

If you're a fan of fitness DVD's I whole heartedly recommend to give this a go, just prepare to be a sweaty mess on the floor. Please remember though that a workout DVD needs to be done responsibly, don't over do it by craving a certain weight/shape. The DVD will also only achieve results if you're eating and drinking healthy. That's my mothering bit over.

Please let me know if you've tried, would love to hear your thoughts. I've jotted down my current measurements so I'll let you know how I get on after 30 days is up.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Batiste XXL Volume

I am always on the lookout for products that claim to produce massive volumous heavenly hair. I have naturally curly hair which teamed with frizz reducing products can often look quite lovely and is the easiest option when I really don't have any time. Like most other people though, I often crave what I simply wasn't born with, straight, sleek, gorgeous locks. The only way I am able to achieve this is by using my trusty GHD's to straighten my hair until it's pretty much flat, cue the use of volume products. I like my hair to have a bit of oomph at the roots, I know a lot of people when they straighten their hair like it just like that but my face will not allow for such a thing. I need body.

Batiste are well known for their time saving dry shampoo's. It is a daily staple of mine, not because I have dirty hair but because it makes it look a bit more alive regardless of it's cleanliness. Batiste's latest offering is a dry shampoo that will give 'big and bouncy XXL volume'. This is where it gets interesting, a product that will get rid of excess oils AND give me volume.

My beauty draw is full of products like this, Dust It, Backcomb In A Bottle etc. but this has become my favorite. It's so easy to use (I get Dust It all over the place) and does not leave my hair sticky (Backcomb In A Bottle I am referring to you!!). It's also better for your hair then teasing relentlessly at the roots with a comb and hairspray.

The idea is that you spray it about 30cm from the area you want the volume. As shown below I lift the top section of my hair up and spray at the root, then do the same for the underneath of my hair and fringe. Like a lot off Batiste dry shampoo's (you can get products specifically for coloured/brunette/blonde hair) it is white so you will need to make sure you've rubbed it in properly.

Once sprayed I tip my head upside down and massge/rub the product into the roots. Turing my head back up I then brush through lightly with my tangle teezer and voila BIG hair.



The staying power is really good, once sprayed my hair will stay poofed up for a good few hours and due to the nature of the product it's so easy to spray and give the shape a little boost. The best part? It easily brushes out of your hair, doesn't leave it in a sticky stuck together mess and your hair will look all the better for it.

What do you guys think? Another hit product for Batiste?


P.S: Apologies for not using a HD camera for the last few photos, I'm having a make-up free day and I'm sure you guys don't want to see every bump and crevice of my au natural face.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Rimmel Nail Polish

I'm a bit fickle when it comes to nail polish. I find a brand I love, I hoard it like it's nobody's business and then when I get bored I go onto the next. For a long time Model's Own polishes have been my first love, closely followed by Barry M.

Although I own plenty of Rimmel's nail polishes for some reason I'm never drawn to them when choosing which colour to paint my nails. I can't think of any particular reason either as to why I often overlook them. They come in lots of different shades and types from long lasting, 10 days wear and 60 seconds dry.

I recently entered a twitter competition to win a nail goody bag (apologies if you follow me on Twitter, I can never resist a competition especially when it's beauty related!). As a result a package arrived on Friday with four polishes inside.

Left to Right: 500 Peppermint, 805 Grey Matter, 030 Double Decker Red, 307 Grape Sorbet

First of all I was excited to see that Rimmel have changed the brushes on some of their nail polishes. There is a handy little label on the outer 'lid' (can't think of a more suitable word!) to tell you what sort of brush is contained within. The two Lycra Pro finish polishes have a 'Maxi brush'. I've taken a picture below but I absolutely love this idea, instead of your normal rounded brush it's a flatter denser shape. This really makes sense, I don't know why I haven't seen this being done before. When using a round brush you make it flat on application anyway but this flatter design makes for a much better coverage on the nail. I definitely found it alot easier to apply. The 60 seconds polish had a similar flat brush but was much smaller in size, I imagine this is due to the idea that you're using this polish when in a hurry therefore it makes for a more accurate application than using the larger brush.

Please excuse my not so perfect application but I wanted to show you how easily/quickly these varnish's could be applied.

On to the nitty gritty. First off was Rimmel's Lycra Pro polish in 500 Peppermint. The idea behind this formula is that it's 'long lasting, chip resistant and anti-fade' for up to 10 days. I really loved this colour. This was my favourite of all the shades I swatched. I am a sucker for cooler colour's in the summer (although bright coral's often rear their head also) as I find they always make my hands look quite tanned, although this may just be in my head. Peppermint is a minty green shade, it's a gorgeous finish with not a lot of shine which suits it perfectly. The below is the colour after 2 coats. I applied all of these quite quickly (the sun was going in fast) but I didn't seem to make any major mishaps, this is a massive thumbs up to the brush and consistency of the product.

My second favourite colour was Rimmel's 60 Seconds polish in 805 Grey Matter. The idea behind these polishes are that they are a 1 stroke, 1 second, easy application polish. Yes, they are easy to apply but it takes more than 1 stroke for my liking and this means they aren't quite a 60 second drying polish. Having said that though it is a gorgeous colour and well worth the wait and the two coats. Grey Matter is a muted white grey, it is a lot lighter than Barry M's grey and probably the lightest grey polish I own/have seen. A lot of people won't touch grey's or black's in the summer but I quite like the look of grey polish with bright jewellery.

There's something quite sexy and vixen-esque about red polish isn't there? Whenever I apply it I feel instantly more confident and I have no clue as to why. I'm not going to knock it though. Rimmel's I Love Lasting Finish in 30 Double Decker Red is a bright, vibrant, telephone/post box red. I blooming love it. It took me years to be daring enough to try red nail varnish but the more vibrant the better for me, it's such a good all round shade and this is a brilliant red. This is only 1 coat too, all that colour in one application, it's luuuuuverly.

Rimmel's Lycra Pro in 307 Grape Sorbet was the only one I wasn't so taken with. I'm not good with metallic pink's or purple's and I wouldn't pick this up off the shelf. I find the finish too much for me although a quick google search showed a lot of love for this on make-up alley. I guess it's a bit like marmite. It didn't dry very well and I completely bodged up my second finger (as you can see) by applying a second coat. I just can't warm to the metallicy sort of streaky looking end result. Sorry Rimmel but it's just not quite my cuppa tea.

All in all I'm really happy with the polish's, it's made me now go back to my stash and relive the love for the colour's I have bought. I am just about to paint my nails with their 60 Second polish in 405 Rose Libertine (a very gorgeous pink).

Rimmel's nail polishes can be found in Boots and retail for between £2.99 and £4.59. The Rimmel I Love Lasting Finish nail polish is currently on offer at 2 for £4.

What are your favourite Rimmel nail polishes?